YEAAA! for stitch markers!

I can’t even recall now where I got started looking at stitch markers, but was inspired to make my own after looking at a LOT of creativity out there (and getting sick of flipping the hard-on-your-fingers Clover ones off my needles).

Thanks to the knitting community for inspiring me to add even more beauty to my knitting, I’m enjoying them! :muah:


wow! beautiful!! what are those? earrings?

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Nope, made 'em just for stitch markers. Actually, I got into it so much that I dug into my beading stash, and made TWELVE SETS - Lordee, I’d need help if I used 'em all!

Got the beads f/my local AC Moore, in the those bins. Unfortunately, a lot of those mini-strands seem to be the only one of its kind - haven’t seen the same ones since (or before). Dang! I’d make a whole bunch and send 'em out as gifts.

Glad you liked 'em - these are my favorites, and am using them on a favorite project!


They are very pretty and so practical. My DIL made some like that for me for Christmas. I love them so much I’m going to buy some more from her. A friend of mine was so jealous that she wants to buy some too.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

So pretty! They look like jewelry! I’ve been using the Clover brand until I discovered the cheapies in the hair section of W-Mart. I shed those things all over the place so I won’t let myself have pretty ones.

I know what you mean - when I first used the Clovers it was like a magic trick: “where the heck did it go??” :shrug: And I guess I grip a little tight (sometimes you have to, like with cabling), and those flat disc-like rings hurt!!

Interestingly enough, I’ve found that with the weight of the beads, they don’t flick off at all. You do have to flip them over the needle occasionally, but sooo worth it - brings a smile to my face!! :wink:

They are really lovely. I’ve been thinking about buying some nice ones.

I make sets of 25 for friends using about $3 of supplies from walmart-- they have small split rings that make great stitch markers, then I just find purty beads to hang from 'em. I’ll take a picture of the set I’m making for a friend tonight :slight_smile:

I’d been through thousands of those little ring things–somewhere in my house I suspect there’s a secret room filled with them. I started using the handmade markers and haven’t lost any. :shrug: