Yea! I organized most of my stash..want to see?

Yesterday at Target I bought these wonderful, affordable metal racks to organize most of my stash.:yay:
I am weeding out my quilt fabrics and making room for my yarns. This way I can SEE them much better at a glance. I still have the rest of that craft room to organize but this was a big start.:woot:

Here I go again…the picture exceeds what it takes here. I’ll have my dh help me with that tonight. sorry.:aww:

Click the link in my sig to find out about sizes and how to add photos. :thumbsup:

I know the exact racks you mean! I have 2 of them for the kids arts & crafts and games. I saw they were on sale this weekend and want dh to stop and get another one for my knitting stuff. My stash is growing sooooo much, it outgrew the 2 rubbermaid containers way quickly. I gave up putting it on rav! I am not allowing myself anymore yarn until I get some of it down. I can’t wait to see your pic.

Same with me…I’m not allowing myself to buy any more yarn either until I whittle mine down. I like how the yarn looks in stores in those racks, but it leaves it open to the dust or whatnot, and I don’t use them up fast enough to be ok with that. So they’re in my rubbermaid box and a little cabinet.

love that you’ve organized your stash! Will be happy when I can see pictures! :lol:

I tease my children that I’m going to annex one of their rooms for a sewing and craft room. They can sleep on a sofa bed in our “great room.” [note: we have 6 rooms in this house, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, bath and “great room.”]

Meanwhile looking at your pictures will speak of a time when I might have a craft room :smiley: