Yea! I made my own needles!

Following Amy’s tutorial, I made my first set of needles out of a dowel rod tonight. :cheering:

I started out with the intention of making a pair of size 7 dpn’s, so I’ll be all set to make a hat when my newly ordered Denise’s arrive in a few days. Then I remembered there was a pattern I was wanting to try that uses straight size 7’s, but I have no size 7’s, sooo, I made a pair. :smiley: I’ll go back to Home Depot and pick up another dowel tomorrow and make a set of dpn’s.

It was surprisingly easy, and I have such a sense of accomplishment. I’ve tried them out, and they work great. The best part is that they cost me well under a dollar! :mrgreen:

Well done! It’ll be so great to have handmade work made on handmade tools!! :smiley:

Good job! now let’s see 'em!

NICE!!! :thumbsup: You inspire me!

Good job! now let’s see 'em!

Hah! That’s my next challenge-learning how to post pictures on here. :??

I worked several rows of garter stitch on a current project with my new needles last night. I kept thinking to myself, “this is so cool-WHY did I spend money on all the straights I’ve bought so far?”. :doh:

Of course, I realize that the wood is somewhat flexible (not hardwood), so straights that are very long might not work out so well, but then the ones that I’d need longer would likely also be thicker, so they might work just fine.

I’m going to try and find some small wooden balls to paint colorfully, then drill a hole in them and glue them to the ends of my new needles. Right now, I’ve followed Amy’s suggestion and wrapped rubber bands around the end. I found an old bag of my dd’s tiny ones leftover from when she wore braces. Also, I’m really anxious to get more dowels so I can make some dpn’s. I was disappointed at our local Home Depot’s lack of a variety of sizes of dowel’s. I may try another lumber store in town. Oh, and I didn’t have any 400 grit sandpaper on hand, but my ds suggested trying some steel wool we have, for that final sanding step. It worked great! :thumbsup:

NICE!!! :thumbsup: You inspire me!

Thank you! :mrgreen:

can you direct me to the tutorial…??? TIA

Sure, go here, then scroll down to "Make your own knitting needles!", and click on the video icon. :smiley:

Oh, and if you don’t have an electric pencil sharpener, don’t despair. A pocketknife worked fine for me. :smiley:

cool beans!!! thanks!!!

Way to go! :thumbsup: I agree with ekgheiy, you inspire me. :smiley:

Aw shuckin’s. :blush:

Wow that is so cool… you got me thinking! Always need dpns and they’re like $10.50 at my lys. What a great inspiration!

Hey, lest I get the big head, let me give credit where credit is due. :mrgreen: It was Amy’s tutorial video that inspired me. :thumbsup:

ha, well yeah, but sometimes we watch a video and MONTHS go by before we do anything duh. I’ve been buying needles too much, and this was a good reminder that I don’t have to!

But, are they really as smooth as store bought? I guess you can wax them a little?

Before making these, I’d not used anything but aluminum, so I can’t make a comparison with any other type wooden needles. They are not as slippery as the aluminum needles, but I prefer that, as I as would frequently drop my needles out of my stitches. :doh:

I think you can probably sand them to that perfect amount of slickness that you prefer. I stopped sanding a couple of times and checked mine (knitted a bit), then went back and sanded until I got them to the smoothness that I was desiring. I’ve been using them for a few nights now, and I’ve had zero problems with snagging. I’d read alot of different reviews on needles, how some would say they liked the warm feel of wooden needles, and I never really “got” it, but now I do. It’s hard to explain, but I really like the feel of these needles in my hands as I knit. :smiley:

I’ve not had experience with alot of different yarn types yet, so I can’t really say how they’d do with all yarns. I do feel confident that a person could get them as slick as they wanted with the right amount of sanding, though.