yb k2

I am knitting a baby blanket. It says “yb k2, yf sl 2,” k2 yb. I know that I start with the yard back and complete 2 knit stitches. Then I move the yard to the front and slip 2 and repeat across the row. Does that mean that on the repeat that the yb goes in front the the two slip stitches. And then at the end, the yarn is in front when I slip the last two - how do I knit with the yarn in front the last two stitches - and then move the yarn to the back. Have I confused you?

What is the pattern that you’re making?
The yarn should be in front when you slip the two sts. After the repeat it reads that the yarn is to the front when you knit 2 which would create a yarn over. That doesn’t sound right so I’m wondering what the pattern looks like.

The pattern is call Wee Baby Blocks by SKNITSB. It’s a seamless baby blanket with 12 different stitch pattern blocks. I am on the second set of blocks 4, 5, and 6. This is block 6. It does create a YO at the end. On the back of the folder it says visit www.sknitsb.com to view the entire collection. Thanks for your help!!

Maybe this one. That’s very sweet and a clever way to knit different blocks without seams.