My DH and I had just started pursing the fertility clinic again. After the chemo that my husband received the Dr’s didn’t think his fertility would return. It’s been 2 yrs and 3 mos. since his last round of chemo. So far so good, though it’ll be a few more years before he’s considered in remission. Anyway we really wanted to have lots of children, we have so much love to give and so far our quiver has two arrows our sweet DS who is four and our wonderful DD who is 3. Sunday night right before the NY Giants scored their winning touchdown :cheering: I took a pregnancy test. It was POSITIVE!!:woot: I go to the Dr today for the bloodwork. Dh and I both cried. it was a wonderful moment… no intervention needed - oh yeah, except a miracle from God. Baby knitting for me!!! Have a great day all. cloud9

Congratulations to you both. You have been through so much and to have this baby is a miracle.
I am so happy for you both :slight_smile:

Congratulations. Start the knitting needles on baby items.


Congratulations! :mrgreen:

Oh what a wonderful gift for the both of you. Happy knitting all the baby things. Congratulations to you both.:hug:

Congratulations, that’s wonderful news! :slight_smile:

What a lucky baby to be coming into you home !