Yay They are finished!

[SIZE=3][COLOR=magenta]Here are a few of my knitted Items I just finished! Once I decided that dwelling on the past was not worth the emotional rollercoaster ride I was putting myself on, I jumped off landed on my feet and soon enough my creative spark came back and I was able to knit away!!! I feel great!!! I am really happy with how all of these FO turned out!!! More to come soon as I am a knitting machine :woot: I am even teaching myself how to crochet…sorta[/COLOR][/SIZE] :teehee: [COLOR=magenta]The first scarf I knitted for myself, the second one is a bday present for my mom she loves my handknits as does my sister which is why I made her the two toned pink scarf (I bought the yarn for myself but decided it looked better with her skin tone) The green neckwarmer was made as a P.I.F (pay it forward) sold on etsy. My Cairn Terrier Amber a.k.a amberger lol is sporting the green sweater and in another photo she is in the coal shrug. My Yorkiepoo Heidi is wearing the Lime green shrug I made for her, I have yet to make her a sweater but one will be in the works shortly!!! Opinions are welcomed !!![/COLOR]

They all look fabulous! :yay:

You [I]have[/I] been churning out the knits. Your puppies look great in their knits. Nice going.

Wow, you’ve been very productive. Glad you’re feeling better. Very nice work.

Welcome back! LOL Everything looks wonderful!! Congrats on all your FOs!

Nice work :yay: You sure are churning out the FO’s! I’m jealous :mrgreen:

Everything looks fantastic!!! I wish I could knit that fast.

Thanks Everyone!!! I used to knit slow because I didn’t want to look like I was showing off :aww:. I used to feel bad when I completed a project quickly and started another…but I realized that I shouldn’t feel that way becasue I wasn’t showing off or trying to show anyone up I was just enjoying the craft…I just have speedy hands as my mom calls them :wink: And blessedtosew it isn’t about speed, everyone knows its all about the finished object so knit away!!!:muah:

Everything looks great! Glad to know you’ve learned to enjoy the knitting process :slight_smile:

Everything looks great. Knitting is the best medicine for stress and sadness. I’ve been there, too.

I love the pink two-tone!

and your doggie is too adorable. A lovely collection of knits :slight_smile:

nice cutey things!:slight_smile:

Oh WOW! You have been busy there, Princess!!!
Great work!

Great collection! Fun to look at all those and know you did it isn’t it? Your doggies look quite satisfied with their items.

Aww thanks everyone! Yes it is a good feeling to look at my knitted items and say I did that :slight_smile: .

Wow! You’ve been busy! It’s all just lovely!:cheering: