:cheering: [SIZE=4][COLOR=#ff0000]GO PHILLIES!!!:woot: [/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE=4][COLOR=#ff0000] :yay: :yay: [COLOR=blue]They did it!!![/COLOR]:yay: :yay: [/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE=4][COLOR=#ff0000] They are on their way to[/COLOR][/SIZE]
:happydance: [SIZE=4][COLOR=blue]The[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=4][COLOR=#0000ff]World Series!!!:happydance: [/COLOR][/SIZE]

:thumbsup: :cheering: :woot:

As an Angeleno I really should say Boooooooo, hiiiisssssss, boooooooo, but instead I’ll say congratulations :cheering: :slight_smile:

Since the Yankees and Mets dropped out early, I’m rooting for the team from my original hometown, Philadelphia. Maybe this will be the year…

YAY PHILLIES!!! I was so excited that they made it. :cheering:

:shifty: [COLOR=lemonchiffon]go red sox[/COLOR] :shifty:

Congrats! I know as a die-hard Houston Astros fan that I’m supposed to root for the National League team, but I think that I’m going to have to side with the Rays. Of course, if the Red Sox pull off a miracle, then I’ll cheer on the Phillies all the way.

:woohoo:Go Phils! :yay:

Way to go Phillies! Now, if only the Red Sox can pull out a come back! :slight_smile:

YAY!!! PHILLIES!!! My fiance was ecstatic and it took him back to his childhood years(when he was little he played baseball and was a big phillies fan) and when I called him a fair weather fan because when they were doing bad he wanted no parts of them and now that their doing good he’s all into it he said" They hurt me in my day" LOL how funny =)

Congrats to the Phillies for making it to the World Series and winning game 1 !!! I really didn’t want the Red Sox to win…

We were stationed at the Phildelphia Naval Shipyard for a few years and used to go to games ALL THE TIME. Back them all Philly teams would run promos where if a child had report card with an A average you got the childs ticket free with adult purchase. Gotta love the Fanatic !


Yay Phillies! World Champions!

Anyone else ever find it curious that the winners of sporting events that only allow North American teams call themselves World Champions? Just always struck me as a little ethnocentric. :shrug:

Lol that’s funny…anyone ever wonder why other sports like baseball and hockey (and I think basket ball not sure i am not a fan lol) have to get best out of a certain amount of games to become “champions” but foot ball they only have to play the season and then the super bowl??? How is that fair??? They could do at least best of three or four lol…:slight_smile: