Yay! My first scarf!

Ok, so what started as a project to just learn what I’m doing here turned into a wearable scarf (3.5 balls of yarn and about a week later). I’m so excited! I even wore it today. My husband was so impressed - “you even put fringe on it! How did you do that?”

I know it wasn’t a complex thing… just trying to make sure I understood a regular old knit stitch. But thanks to all your support here and those of you who answered my quetions I can say I finished soemthing.

I was going to take everyone’s advice and just make pot holders and dish cloths, but once I got this going I just kept going… and going… and going.

Now it’s time to try to do something other than just a knit stitch. Maybe I can learn to purl too. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!:woohoo:

Great job!! I would love to see a picture! :slight_smile:

Good for you to keep going and now have something you can proudly wear! :thumbsup:

Good for you! :yay: What a great accomplishment!

I started a scarf over a year ago (as my first project) and it still isn’t finished. :oops: (I have high hopes of finishing it soon!)

Congratulations! Isn’t it a good feeling to take 2 sticks and a piece of string and actually make something tangible and wearable out of it? Do you have a pic you can share? Anyhoo, great job. :yay:

Congratulations! It’s a wonderful feeling to finish something that you can wear or use, isn’t it? That’s why knitting is so addictive.

BTW, your story reminded me of an old episode of MAS*H. They had heard the war was supposed to be declared over, and Margaret started “just a little potholder.” As time went on, and the war obviously wasn’t over, it showed her in scene after scene as her knitting grew from the potholder, to a scarf, to a shawl, to a huge afghan by the following year! :slight_smile:

Purling’s not that hard, and once you grasp it, you’ll be able to do anything! Way to go!

Congratulations on your first finished project!!

This site has a great Purling video, that’s how I learned a few weeks ago. Good luck!!



Doesn’t that feel just wonderful? I made one of my girlfriends a scarf for Christmas and when she opened the box, she about cried, and in turn, I about cried. She was tickled to death, as I was because I can finally say that I actually FINISHED something! LOL! :roflhard:


Ok, I don’t have a good camera right now, but this is a cell phone pic taken in my cubical at work. It will have to do. :slight_smile:

Yay. Isn’t that the best feeling?? Congrats!

It IS the best feeling!

And best of all… it’s WARM!

Yay for you! :thumbsup:

Congrats! It’s so exciting finally finishing your first project!