YAY my first project complete!

:happydance: YAY! :happydance:

Thanks for all the help Ingrid!

:shock: [size=6][color=green][b]are you KIDDING ME? your very first project was a sweater WITH CABLES?!?!?!

OUTSTANDING! very nice work! :cheering: [/b][/color][/size]

THAT was your first project? You ought to be dang proud!

Ditto :shock:
Great job!

:roflhard: Yeah I know! I didn’t think I would be able to do it at first but haha! I did! lol :blush:

It fits and looks great - you are awesome!! :thumbsup:

You RAWK!!! :cheering:

OMG! That is just beautiful!

And that is really your FIRST project? You are amazing! :notworthy:

Wow! What a great first project. Congrats!

Wowzers! Way to go, that is awesome!

WOW! Great Job! It looks great!

holy mackeral, your excellent at knitting, I cant wait to see what you do when you have more under your belt, lol. That is amazing, truly

Are you sure this is your first project? Maybe you have been knitting in your sleep for years…somewhere in your house is a closet full of half done, sloppy stitches, etc. like most everyone else has!!!

Great job!! Can’t wait to see what project number 2 is!! :thumbsup:

Wow just took a look at everyones resposes! Thanks!

I love this knitting lark! Dont know why I never took it up earlier! Maybe its genetic, I remeber my nan used to knit. She tried to teach me when I was a kid, but I sucked! So never really gave it much thought!

But now im hooked!

Just keep :XX:

I’m glad you posted it!! I told you everyone would be impressed! :cheering: :cheering:

Wow! That’s great for your first project or any project at all for that matter!


you are destined for great things!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Where in MD are you from??? I’m in Baltimore!!! :slight_smile:

Well, great…just great…back to the videos for me… :rollseyes:

It’s beautiful! I can’t believe you put cables in your first project. You must be so proud of yourself! My first project was a garter stitch scarf and I won’t show it to anyone.

Beautiful job!! :cheering: I just finished my first project and it was nothing, nothing, nothing near as beautiful as that!! You are obviously gifted with the knitting gene. :wink:

Congrats on your vest! :cheering: :cheering: It looks really nice!