YAY! My first completed anything!

I have never completed any project in my life, crochet, sewing, cross stitching, there is always something I leave off. The blanket is the first thing I have ever finished. :cheering:

http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee288/StefannyJo/DSCN0300.jpg I saw a “what do I do next?” post and it encouraged me to conquer my fear of socks, this is the 2nd pair of baby socks and I am hooked. http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee288/StefannyJo/socks.jpgThe washclothe was also a baby gift. http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee288/StefannyJo/washclothe.jpg(These are for 3 different babies!) and I am now working on my 2nd blanket (for a 4th baby!), a different pattern that I love!

Sorry, I can’t figure out how to cut and paste pics to my email or this! I use to be so good at computer things. But now I am getting good at knitting!:teehee:

Good job on all of them! Those socks are just too cute:cheering: Isn’t the feeling when you finish a project WONDERFUL:woohoo:

Well done, Steffany! How you managed to knit the wash cloths with that fuzzy yarn is beyond me… I am a raw beginner so I am impressed that you could finish a whole blanket!

Those are great!

To post an image you click on the little icon that looks like a square with mountains in it and the paste the url with out the IMG tags. If you do have the image tags from your photo then just paste that right here.

The feeling is great! Especially when I finished on time for the shower! :woot:

Thanks for the picture info, Jan! :notworthy:

Waggus, the fuzzy yarn was definately a challenge. I was disappointed because you couldn’t see the border very well. But I knew alot of mistakes were hidden in the fuzz!:wink:

Wow! Everything looks great, but I especially love the baby socks! Great job!


Congrats! Everything looks good.

awwwwww what cute socks! did u use a pattern? and what yarn is that? i love that blanket as well.

Way to go!!! Great job!!

Great job!!

I used a lion brand pattern. http://cache.lionbrand.com/patterns/kwc-babyBooties.html?noImages= And Red Heart Baby yarn. I love the little bit of shimmer in it. Plus that is all my mother used when she crocheted for babies. I didn’t know what else to use!

Everything looks great! The socks are especially cute. What yarn did you use for the baby washcloths?

I guess you just discovered you are not a crocheter, cross-stitcher, or sewer, but you are a knitter. :cheering: It’s looks like you have found your craft. Congratulations and welcome to the FO club. :lol: Your things will be nice gifts. Love your little fuzzy socks.

I used Lion Brand Chenille. I was nervous at how bright it was, but it turned out beautiful and SOFT.

:teehee:I guess you are right! I never looked at it like that. Thanks for the club welcome!