Yay KP, Boo USPS

You all might remember me complaining about my KP order a week or so ago… the USPS mis-shipped it completely. When I called KP about it then, they said it would be returned to them and re-sent to me. That was the 13th, and still no progress. So I called them back this morning and got a very nice lady who is sending out a replacement order for me [I]now[/I] instead of waiting for the other one!! :cheering::cheering::cheering:

And USPS still sucks. :!!!:

Yeah for KP!!!

Yeah KP is awesome and USPS sucks. A USPS truck ran over one of my KP orders. I called KP and told them that and they immediately sent a replacement package. When the replacement package was stolen they immediately sent another package which I ended up receiving finally.

I agree the USPS sucks.I ordered some yarn for my swap partner and it was shipped on 6/4, I found out yesterday that it was returned , saying that it was undeliverable as addressed, but it is the correct address. It is being reshipped, I hope it gets here soon. The USPS is getting ridiculous, I have not been getting my magazines and some other mail, it gets returned for a bad address. This is the address they gave me , when they changed them for 911 over a year ago and I am tired of not getting my mail.

I’m sorry you’re having such rotten luck! We have no trouble getting or sending mail! I’m glad Knit Picks was so cooperative. That was very nice.