Yay it's Saturday

[size=2]pokes tongue out[/size]

Just gone on Saturday here.

tee hee… all you folks still suffering through friday, I feel for ya :hug:

Be careful lest we pick on you when we’re still enjoying Sunday and you’re onto MONDAY. Hee!

[color=blue]Not nice :fingerwag: That is just not playing fair!
Have a great weekend!
anne [/color]

the fact that friday is friday makes the day go by faster. I lose motivation at about 8:00am and surf KH all day…

That’s …thats… jusssttt UNFAIR!!!

flings a peice of scrap yarn at five_six… now you have “yarn tinsle on you” :happydance:

catches said scrap of yarn and goes to add it to her stash :teehee:

Hey, I’m totally okay with it being Friday.

I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow! First time in a while!!!

Everyday is Saturday for me, I’m retired!

:: ducks and runs>>>>>>:: :lol:

:grrr: ooh… that’s just not fair. :grrr:

I guess you probably had to spend a few years in the working world to earn your retirement, so I guess you’ve done your time…:teehee:

Damn international date line!!!

All I can say is I have to work every other saturday… so… i work m,t,w, off thurs off fri, work sat. off sun

next week work m,t,w,t, off fri sat sun

and i still don’t have enough time to knit!

Throws funfur at those lucky enough to be retired… * need the lotto #'s…

Not me… I work Sundays to Thursdays, so it’s my Saturday too!


I prefer Fridays myself…that way I can anticipate the whole weekend!