Yay! I learned some things this week!

  1. I successfully did a felted join!
  2. I fixed my cable problem.
  3. I learned the knit on cast on.

For a newbie, I’m pretty proud!

Congrats on your felted join, cable problem,and learning the knit cast on.:woot::woot:

Way to go. Each accomplishment leads to more confidence in trying new things.

WooHoo! Good for you!

woo, look at you go :smiley:

Good for you!! Doesn’t it feel great to work things out like that? :slight_smile:

Well aren’t you just the smartest girl!!! I’m proud of you.

How fantastic. It is such a great feeling when you figure things out. I recently figured out how to do a 1x1 rib cast on for a sock and I felt like I was on Cloud 9. Way to go!