Yay! I get to knit for a baby

I just found out my cousin’s having a baby! :cheering: :cheering: She’s been trying for 3 years now and I have been anxiously waiting to make her baby things, now I finally get to. They couldn’t really tell the sex of the baby at her last ultrasound, but the tech said they are pretty sure its going to be a girl. She goes in for another ultrasound next week so we’ll see what they find then. Until then, neutral baby colors it is :happydance: :happydance:

Yeah! :yay: I’ve been knitting for my daughter’s friend who’s having a baby and it’s been fun! I posted the BSJ in What’cha Knittin’…don’t know if you saw it. Also made some bibs and converse booties.

What fun! I think knitting baby is just about the sweetest thing to do! And the gratification in finishing projects so quickly is great.

You lucky thing, I love knitting for babies-it works up so fast and baby clothes are so adorable.I hope it’s a girl they have really cute clothes

I love to knit for babies. Mason Dixon Knitting has a really easy and cute kimono that I knitted and Creative Knitting has a lot of easy and cute patterns for babies.

They just knit up so quick and hardly any yarn, it is too much fun.