Yay! I almost get to start my Ms. Marigold vest!

I finally got enough money to splurge on the yarn for Ms. Marigold from zephyrstyle. Ok, so $25 bucks for yarn for a sweatervest isn’t so much, but when you are a college student, it rips a pretty big hole in your pocket. Plus, I needed the size 3 and 5 circ. needles as well. I bought those at knitpicks along with the yarn, and the total came to $37! Then i saw that i could get free shipping if i spent $45, so of course i had to throw in a few skeins of superwash wool. :oops: Soooo now I get to make a sweater AND im going to finally make an irish hiking scarf, even if i wont finish it till february! yay, i just wanted to share my immense excitement about my new yarn. :happydance: ha, you know you’re a knitting nerd when you get crazy excited over some yarn and pointy sticks. im sure you all know the feeling!

:cheering: :cheering:

Yay for you! :cheering: