YAY for my LYS

A while back this fall I had major problems with a ball of Austermann Step sock yarn that I purhcased from my lys. I emailed them to ask about it (I don’t actually go into the store all that often due to me most always having my 3yr old in tow :teehee: ) and took a long time to hear back from them. She said that they’d talk to the supplier next time they placed an order. So I emailed back and said thanks, can’t wait to hear what you find out…blah blah blah

So today, nearly 3 months later, I got an email from the owner of the shop to tell me that I can come in and choose a ball of Austermann Step for FREE!!! :happydance: She didn’t say what, if anything, they found out from the supplier about the lot of yarn that I purchased from, but needless to say I’m thrilled!! A nearly $20 ball of yarn for nothing. Now I can’t wait to go in, she said they just got in new colours too!! :happydance:

Yay, Heather! That’s really cool! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

:cheering: :cheering: I’m glad they came through for you!