Yay finished my first project!

Its the coronet hat, I got the pattern out of the patterns area.

Oh my! :cheering: I’ve seen this great pattern, and I’m sure I have it in my Ravelry queue and favs!

You did a wonderful job! I love it! :heart:

Congratulations! I hope my first project is going to look as good as that :yay:

You did a wonderful job on your first project! Way to go!

Wow, you did a great job! Especially for your first project. The cable looks fantastic. I think that one’s going to have to go into my Rav queue. :yay:

Looks great :thumbsup: I never would’ve guessed it’s your first project!

Your first project? Wow! It looks great even if it were your 50th project! :slight_smile:

It looks great. :yay: for your first project.

:happydance:Congrats on your first project! It looks wonderful

Fantastic job! Super impressed that it is your first project!!

it looks wonderful!!!

I love the cable going round, how did you join it? Great job!!!

Thank you!! :slight_smile:
It wasn’t too hard to do, the cable I made seperately, on straight needles, then I picked up stitches from the side of the long cable band, and put it on a circular needle, then did the stockinette stitch on upwards. The band flips up so you see the right side.
Yaay! :knitting:

That is wonderful for a first project!!!

Wow…Very nice first project! :thumbsup:

That was a great first project. I predict a great knitting future for you. :thumbsup:

good job!

Congratulation on your first project! Very nice!

Lovely hat!! Congratulation on a well done project.

Pretty hat, looks great on your hands! :happydance: