YAY! A better reason to love walmart! (and ironically a reason not to)

Well, I do not drive, and while there is a Micheal’s and a couple yarn shops in town, they are like a good hour to 3 hour bus trips away. (they just happen to be on the farthest outskirts and most bus-unfriendly areas) I only have close access to my wal mart, which still was a good 20-30 min bus ride, but I go every other Thursday when I do groceries.

So basically my yarn was limited. I had a TON of red heart, mostly the scratchy stuff and some nice Bernat… Not bad stuff. But it was soooo limited in colour selection too.

I walked in today to pick up some more yarn for my baby blanket, and was astounded. :woot:

They expanded. Most of the new Bernat yarns; Felting, Cashmere, Wool Blend, Alpaca Blend. They expanded the Red Heart Soft section adding TONS of new and gorgeous colours. They have a section dedicated to natural fibers, wools and cottons they didn’t have before… it was amazing. I was so thrilled I almost forgot why I went. :woohoo:

But then, I remembered. As I went back down to the Red Heart Soft section, I looked and looked… no baby blue. :pout: I asked a sales lady. She told me since they ordered all these new colours, it could be a while since there isn’t any room, and no there is none in the back. It could also not reappear if they get no demand. Fortunately I had only JUST started the blanket with the yarn left over from the baby sweater…but they didn’t have ANY colour even close to what I wanted. :tap:

I ended up just picking up 4 skiens of Bernat Satin in a pretty blue/yellow/green ish colourway and will start all over again. :doh:

But at least now I have some better yarn selection for when I go to make all those beautiful lace garments I have been wanting to make. I was just waiting to find some easily accessible yarn! :happydance:

I am in the same boat as you, but without the wonderful walmart yarn expansion


Cant wait to see your FOs!

Ohh I hope they come in for you. I spent a good 20 min more than usual. FH came wandering in looking for me. Normally I meet him at the electronics section.

I can’t wait to finish all this acrylic baby stuff for my cousins so I can start using the natural stuff.

If you know exactly what it is you want from them ask them to get it from another store. They’ll bawk at the idea (it can be a pain to do) but they are able to do it and should w/ no extra charge.

WalMart upgraded their yarn?

Last time I was in my local Wal Mart, it was being torn apart to get RID of the crafty stuff.

Guess I get to go check this weekend when we do haricuts and school shopping.

That’s weird. Our WM was selling off yarn, and I understood they were eliminatiing the crafts/fabric section. And like you, I went the other day and saw yarns I’d not seen before. The area isn’t larger in my store, but there was a better selection. Maybe they’ve changed their minds? Hope so! samm

I’m glad you found some new yarn there. :yay: