Yarrrrn! T-Shirt

I don’t know how many of you fine knitting folks would be interested in this. But on J!nx.com they have Yarrrrrrn Pirate T-shirts for both the ladies and gents who knit and crochet.

Yarrrrn Tee!

I thought it was a fun shirt, and great for Talk Like a Pirate Day!


:teehee: Those ARE cute!

my dh surprised me with one of those! I LOVE it–it’s so cool! My 17 mo says “arrrrrnnnn” when she sees it!

P.S.-if you buy, I suggest buying large…it’s a tight-fitting shirt. :wink:

I’ve been meaning to order one of those for some time now.

I got the shirt for my birthday from my DH and DDs. Bethany is right though, it does run small. I normally wear a med-large, and the large fits snug.