Yarny Raffle!

I am having a raffle on my blog for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. My sister was diagnosed with Type 4 when we were kids.
My sister wrote this about her condition…
[INDENT]This type is generally regarded as the most serious form of EDS due to the possibility of arterial or organ rupture. The skin is usually thin and translucent with veins being seen through the skin. Minor trauma can lead to extensive bruising.
Spontaneous arterial rupture has a peak incidence in the third or fourth decade of life, but may occur earlier. Life expectancy is shortened with a majority of individuals with the vascular type, living only into their forties! So far, only my ovary ruptured when i was 18. They saved my life that day, and hopefully I won’t have any more problems.

[/INDENT]Now for the drawing part… go to my blog http://tangledfingersdiary.typepad.com/weblog/ and for every 5.00 you donate I will put your name in a drawing to win 5 skeins of Jaeger Roma. That is 680 yards of yummy-ness in a light blue colorway. Just leave a comment on my blog or email me (or pm me here) and let me know how much you donated and I will get your name put in the drawing.

Donating to a worthy cause and having a chance to win some very yummy yarn, Its a win win!
Thanks to those that do donate! :hug: