I stumbled across this website and I was like DUDE those are cool! then the cheapskate in me said, DUDE make them instead!!! So I did an experiment with an empty oatmeal container and a grommet, and it worked like a charm (a free charm at that). The only downfall is, of course, the container was Quaker-Man colored instead of clear. But this website has lots of neat knitting gadgets, anyway, even if you don’t like the yarntainers, plus patterns, yarn, and all that .

Those are neat! I wonder if you could just get the clear containers like that from walmart and drill a hole in the top. Sanding it smooth of course. Maybe I’ll try it.

I wish I knew about them before! The owner of my LYS sold me a bag with a hole on the top that is supposed to do the same thing. It cost $12.

I read that you could slit open an empty (and clean! dry!) soda bottle, put the wool in there, and pull it out thru the top. Someone else suggested a plastic milk jug, pulling the woo up through the handle and out the top.