Yarnspirations Cleckheaton kids pullover

Help!! I am knitting my first sweater and I don’t understand the section for the neckband…the link is https://www.yarnspirations.com/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-master-catalog-spinrite/default/dw09463bbf/PDF/RHK0329-015748M.pdf

im supposed to switch to dpns but I’m not sure how?? and where do I even start? Any help would be so appreciated…im lost

Hi and welcome to KH!
Seam the pieces of the sweater together, the front, back and sleeves. Pick up sts starting at the left back raglan seam. Some sts will be picked up as in the video and in some cases you will knit across sts on a holder.

Since the sts are either to be picked up or knit from a holder you won’t be switching needles, just using the dpn to pick up a stitch or knit one off the holder. If you have a small 16" circular needle or 2 circulars of any length that’ll work instead of the dpns.

oh thank you so much!!