I am working the front of this sweater Shape neck: The whole paragraph has me scratching my head. pat across 27 sts (neck edge) TURN Leave rem sts on a spare needle. ??? I’m hoping that after I do the turn it will make sense to me but having problem with the turn and what to do next what stitches do I put on spare needle? Sorry if I sound dumb my excuse is this is my 1st sweater :slight_smile:

After you pattern across 27sts, slip the sts remaining unworked sts on the left needle to a holder, then turn as you would at the end of a row.
It’s a good question, Congrats on your first sweater.

Hi. Still a little confused after I do the 27 stitches in pat. Turn leave remaining sts on spare needle is this the 27 sts. Thanks so much for ur help!!

No, not the 27sts just worked in pattern. Slip the sts remaining on the left needle to a holder before the turn.
You’re making the size highlighted in blue? There are 71sts on the needle after the armhole bind offs. Pattern across 27. Slip the remaining unworked 44sts to a holder. Now turn and proceed with the 27 worked sts.
The following directions have you dec 6sts, bind off 10 then bind off 11 which totals 27sts for that shoulder…