Yarns yarns and more yarns

:slight_smile: can someone tell me if lion brand yarn is good, and crystal palace iceland. i heard they are junk yarn and i really need some input from people what they think. maggie

I haven’t tried the Crystal Palace Iceland, but I like Lion Brand’s yarns. I think they make several nice ones and the only one I don’t really care for is their homespun. I wish I did like it…their colors are so pretty…:teehee:

I don’t really think there is such a thing as ‘junk yarn’. It all has it’s place somewhere. I would go ahead and try it you might like it or find out that you don’t. :thumbsup:

I am currently using Lion Brand Wool-ease to make Silver’s Palindrome Scarf for my brother, and I love it. It is nice and soft while still being machine washable. I could see how some people may feel it splits too easily, but I am not having much trouble with it.

Once I am done with the scarf and hat for my brother, I will have to find a nice girly color of Wool-ease to make one for me I think.

I certainly hope the Crystal Palace ‘Iceland’ is not a junk yarn. I ordered the Iceland and Crystal Palace’s ‘Nubbles’ to make a lovely-looking jacket which is a Crystal Palace design. I just checked the Iceland yarn and it seems to be nice and smooth, but of course, haven’t even made a swatch, gauge, as yet since I’m working on something else at the moment. I will keep my fingers crossed the Iceland is okay. Lion Brand yarns certainly have a wonderful variety from what I’ve seen on their site. I’ve thought of trying something with some of their yarn so hopefully the brand is a reputable one.

I have, so far, used mainly Lion Brand yarns and I love them. The wool-ease is great, the Thick & Quick too. I just made a bunch of washcloths and socks from the cotton-ease and it was also really easy to work with. I made an afghan with the Homespun for a friend this Christmas and she loves it, loves it, loves it. Always thanks me when I see her.

I also made a bunch of chemo caps with the Microspun and Fun Fur for my mom, my aunt and a friend’s mom (not to mention all the relatives that just wanted one because they are so comfy). Also made a bunch for the oncology center where my mom went for chemo. They were snatched up like hot cakes and they want more. Great charity project with immediate satisfaction from the receivers. Lion Brand will always be my favorite yarn.

How’s that for a review! HA! :woohoo: Lion Brand :woohoo:

I made a cabled palindrome for my DH wool and I felt it moved very well and didn’t have any problems with splitting. I use Knitpick options needles

I don’t have any experience with Crystal Palace, but the Lion Brand really depends on which yarn (they have LOTS), and what you’re using it for.

I really like Homespun in a finished project, but working with it is a bear (it splits, bunches, unravels and is very difficult to count rows on). Their Baby Pompadour is lovely to work with and nice and soft when washed up. Their cotton really isn’t any different to me than Peaches and Cream (which is to say fairly stiff to work with, but soft once washed a few times). I’ve worked with the Thick and Quick and my main complaint there is all the knots I find in the ball (where 2 pieces are joined). Their wool for felting looks and feels nice, but I haven’t CO with it yet, and I’ve been drooling over their wool/cashmere blend at the local craft store, but I can’t afford it. I’ve also been drooling over their organic cotton lines, but can’t afford them at the moment, either… but I do pet them whenever I can (soooo soft).

I love Lion Brands yarns. My fave is Chenille Thick and Quick. I will use it to CO my frist sweater!!! yay me!!

I love the Wool-Ease from Lion brand and some of their other products. I too don’t like the Homespun. It seems like it was better years ago when it first came out (or maybe I just didn’t know better) but now, I don’t use it at all. I also like the Moonlight Mohair, the Trellis, Microspun and was so so on the Vanna’s Choice.

Hope that helps…

I’ve used Iceland to make a scarf for my sister and really liked it. It’s smooth and fluffy and knits up nicely.

I really like CP Iceland! It was my first “splurge” yarn when I was re-learning to knit a couple of years ago and was buying mostly Lion Brand. The colors are brilliant, and it knits up beautifully. I learned how to do cables with Iceland in the Red Orchid colorway. I do think it’s just a little bit scratchy around my neck, but not bad.

Here’s a photo of my Iceland scarf:

I am so relieved to read, Cristine, you comments about the Crystal Palace Iceland, and may I say your scarf is gorgeous. Love the colors.

Thank you! Oddly, pink is probably my least favorite color, but for some reason I’m crazy about this scarf. :teehee:

Beautiful sweater, Cristine. REally like the color.

To me, Homespun splits too much, and I’d rather not bother with it. The Crystal Palace yarns that I’ve touched are lovely, but haven’t used any yet.