Yarns have come a long way

Okay, I know some acrylic yarns are not very nice or soft to work with but usually after a fiber wash they soften up. I just washed some handknit blankets that were made for my daughter 29 years ago and expecting her first child in 3 weeks. Well not even fiberwash made them feel any better. I wanted to have them all done for my soon to be born granddaughter but I am not so sure they will feel soft enough. Funny I never thought that when I used them for my daughter, guess I didn’t know any better and just loved having them hand made for her. Anyone else ever done noticed this with very old things?

Yes, they are most certainly better than they used to be. IMO though there are still some yarns that don’t soften up enough for humans even with washing and fabric softener. :lol: There are definitely lots of good ones out there now which is great. :thumbsup:

For some projects, I have to admit that I prefer the older yarns. They have more body and stand up to washing and drying better. :knitting:

What do y’all use to soften up those baby blankets before you gift them?

You can try soaking them a bit in water generously dosed with hair conditioner.

It depends on what yarn I used. If it’s acrylic it goes in the washer and dryer and I use a mild detergent like Woolite and a tiny bit of Downy. If it’s wool I use Eucalan only since it’s even gentler than Woolite.

I have been using Eucalan for all of mine, so far so good

I second the hair conditioner…use it in place of your fabric softener. Even better…use a tube of the stuff that comes with hair dye. My hair is so fine that one tubes lasts several dyes. So, I have used it. And it works pretty well!