Yarns for Felting

What yarns do you all recommend (or not recommend) for felting? I’d like to make this but I’ve never felted anything before. Also can’t find the Nuro Big Kureyon used in the pattern at my local shops. I would like for it to come out sturdy. Some of the beds in the kitty pi gallery look flopsy.

Thanks in advance!

you can use any wool that is 100%. no acrylic. nothing synthic. google Noro Big Kureyon or Ebay to find it online! i have felted once and just found some wool. and yes it was floopy. someone else may have a better answer later but i thought i’d give you something now! maybe someone knows how to make felted wool strudy. :thumbsup:

I figure I can just buy the Noro online but it’s not quite like touching a yarn to get a feel for it. Thanks for the suggestions though!

My favorite yarn for felting is Cascade 220. Another popular choice is KnitPicks’ Wool of the Andes.

You also need to be careful of white wools. Some of them will not felt due to the heavy processing it takes to get them white.

See i told u! :thumbsup:

Im going to make that same bed for the August KAL…Im using another bulky 100% wool…Aruacania Naturewool Chunky.

I wouldnt worry too much about feeling it beforehand…its gonna feel a little different after you felt it anyway.

If you’re wanting your bed sturdier, I’m guessing that knitting with double strands would work. However, that might be rather bulky to handle while knitting, since it calls for bulky yarn to start with. :thinking:

So she shouldn’t use any blends either? (OK I’m really asking about me :oops: ) How about a %75wool and 25% something else?

I have a pattern I’m interested in that’s either in my Pursenalities book or the Knit One Felt Two book that calls for a wool/mohair blend. My guess then would be a blend that totals up to mostly if not all woolish type fibers would work.

Wool blends are okay, as long as they’re blends of different natural fibers. You cannot felt with something like wool/acrylic blend though.

and just since nobody pointed out the obvious yet…no superwash wool either!