Yarnover question

I have a question about knitting into a yarnover. I’m not quite sure whether I can explain my question correctly or not, but I’ll try! I was knitting a headband, and the pattern called for a yarnover. I think I was doing the yarnover correctly, because I went back and watched Amy’s video on this technique. My question is, after you have done a yarnover and turned your work and you are knitting into the yarnover, should you knit into the back or the front? Does it matter? The way I was doing this the yarnover stitch was twisted.


You normally treat the yo’s as a normal stitch. If you’re purling all the other stitches, purl the yo; if you’re knitting, knit it. You don’t knit into the back of it, because that would reduce the size of the eyelet the pattern is making.