YARNIA.com....have you shopped there?

Okay, I’m looking to order a hank of malabrigo online, my yarn shops don’t carry it. So, have any of you shopped with Yarnia.com? The yarn is reasonable and they offer free shipping in the US and take PayPal, my preferred form of payment.

I just just gotta have some, after looking at Amber’s scrunchable scarf, I have convinced myself that I, too, must try this yarn and have a scrunchable!!

As I’m typing I’m thinking of all of the yarn in my bedroom that needs a new rubbermaid box in which to live, I MUST organize my stash this weekend…I’ve got to go buy some more boxes to go under the bed :shock:

I have bought from there, and don’t recall any problems.

I HATE that I can’t get this yarn for my store!

The best Cincinnati LYS carries mmmmmm and just got a huge shipment in. They have an online store and the owner is really great. Here is the link. They have it at 10.95


I had a horrible experience with Yarnia, and afterwards, I found a few message boards about people’s similar experiences with them. They did have very good prices and free shipping, which is why I ordered from them in the first place. But for the horrendous experience I got from them, it wasn’t worth it. Here is a link to the Yahoo ratings

You can find my personal experience with them if you scroll down to Sept 30, username spamme216.

I hope they’ve improved their service since then, but I still see some similar non-delivery of goods issues after mine.
The Mod Squad was here :thumbsup: long URL [/size]

O, and a few days after I filed a non-delivery of goods thing with my credit card company, I finally received the yarn (which is fishy, no?). It came a little over a month after I ordered it.

OMGoodness, Cindy, that’s awful!! And, seems as though they have a several poor ratings at the Yahoo site…thanks for the heads up!
Looks like they were good to our Ingrid, though!
Thanks, Kemp, I’m going to check out that store.

Wow, $10.95 is a great price! I ordered mine from Yarnzilla and paid $11.95 plus $5.00 shipping!!!

What color (or colors) are you getting, Rebecca?

Kemp – why can’t you get Malabrigo for your store? :frowning:

No retail location=no Malabrgio :pout:

I’ve not decided on my color choice yet…I need to wait til payday anyway…AND, I really don’t need to get it…I have no room !!!

Bummer! That must be why it’s so hard to find online! :verysad:

What do you mean you don’t need to get it? Are you trying to tell me Mmmmmalabrigo is not a NEED??? :rofl:

If room is an issue, you’re welcome to store it at my house! :roflhard: