Yarner's Anonymous

So I have been knitting a year now. And I talk about it way too much. And some co-workers have seen some of my work and are interested in knitting. So tomorrow we are having a get together!!! There will be me who knits, another person who knits. One who crochets and at least one who wants to learn- so she can make a Harry Potter Scarf! And maybe a few others. One person who wants to learn- because she raises alpacas- can’t make it but will try at another time.
The crocheter offered to host- so she made a little map to her place and called it “Yarners Anonymous”!
I’m really excited and hope it can morph into a regular gathering and expand to people outside of our co-workers.

sounds like fun! You guys are starting up your own SNB!!

How fun!! I wish I had a knitting group…


Good Deal~!!

Enjoy~!! :cheering:

How wonderful! :slight_smile: It’s like a knitting club! :teehee: I wish we had one in my highschool right now :pout:

Aquaria, what about being the driving force and starting one at your school? somebody’s gotta be first, right?

How fun!!

Well we had a meeting.

Ended up being just 3. One person was sick. I think one person got busy or forgot.

So I taught the crocheter to cast on, knit, purl, and bind off. But in between she did garter, stockinette, moss stitch, ribbing, and I taught her to make eyelets with yarn overs and K2tog. She was really good. She had a little sampler square done in an hour. She was a bit tight and her gauge a bit off, but she surpassed my first day of knitting by miles. I told her she’d have a sweater done next month :teehee:

She tried to teach me to crochet- I did better than past attempts. I did a loose chain and then tried to do single crochet. I knit English style and find left hand yarn holding uncomfortable. I wasn’t that good. I like the knitting better!

I was a walking advertisement for this site. I kept telling her if she forgot what to do just come here.

We’re going to try to meet again in 2 weeks. I didn’t get much of my own knitting done -and we were there 3 hours. But it was fun. Next time we are going to work on continental knitting. That’s how the other knitter knits.

Have Fun!

New knitting groups are so much fun! I started one in my town recently, and we started with five people, and one day we had 15! I think today we had 9. It varies, but it’s a good group, and they self-sustain now that the group’s been going for a while.

Anyways, congratulations, and I hope your group keeps growing! :cheering:

True :rofl:

But I’m just too afraid that highschool people nowadays don’t even want to knit or have the patience to try :shrug: :pout:

You could look for a Meetup. (www.meetup.com) I know I’d LOVE it if a HSer showed up!!! :slight_smile:

Or…just put a post up…Knitters, be here at such and such a time. And if people with sticks show up, then you know you’ve got interest!!!