Yarndex value judgment?

Hi all, I looked up a potential candidate for a tank top, I wanted cotton for about 19-22 st per 10cm, and found somewhere in Auckland that had cotton at the right gauge. Wendy’s Supreme Luxury Cotton DK. Yarndex describes it as basic. Is this their way of saying it’s not high-end? The price is right - and my impression from shops is that the brand is fairly cheap.
But I don’t want to put work into something that will fall apart or go yucky fast just to save a bit.
So do you think yarndex’s description is trying to imply that it’s not the highest quality?
Also, has anyone knitted with this, how did it stand up/last? Can someone please remind me of the website that lists wools with knitter’s impressions/experiences with it?



Hi Sarah,

I have never looked at Yarndex or heard of the yarn you are asking about but is this the site you were looking for?
[color=blue]Knitter’s Review[/color]

I didn’t find a review on that particular yarn on Knitter’s Review but if you google it with a term like: Wendy’s Supreme Luxury Cotton DK review you will come up with a bunch of bloggers’ reviews of the yarn.

Most seemed favorable to me. One blogger that the yarn was made for chemo caps so it is soft.

Hope this helps!


When I hear the term “basic” applied to yarn, it makes me think of a simple plied solid-color yarn - no slubs, fur, color changes, etc. I don’t think they’re trying to say it’s lesser quality.

Thank you, yes it was plain with a couple of variegated colours. Thanks all