Yarndex, is it working for you?

I have tried to go to Yarndex and few times in the past couple of weeks but it says something about a Error Executing Database Query then some stuff below it. Is it just me or is this happening to everyone else?

Yeah it works for me. :shrug:

I just tried it and went right to the page. Clear your cache and your history, close your browser and try again. Or clear it when you shut down tonight, and try again tomorrow.

I’ve checked the site from our end (Yarnmarket) and it appears to be working just fine right now. If you’re having a problem in any particular area could you please let us know and I’ll have our IT guys take a look at it.

Thanks for the heads-up!

(Yarnmarket, Yarndex, BargainYARNS, Yarnmerchant)

suzeeq, I tried all those and it is coming up with the same thing. It has been doing this for a while for me so I am stumped.

Wow, YarnmarketDeb, I never expected someone from Yarndex to reply! Cool! If you need any info, please pm me and I can let you know what it is doing in a little more detail.

I had no idea that they are all part of the same company. Welcome to KH!! :cheering: