Yarnbow on ebay

I recommend her highly. As you all know I was running out of yarn on my Noro sweater - I ordered from her last Tuesday or Wednesday - I received yesterday. Her prices are excellent, her service is fabulous and well, when you see her selection…ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yummy!

WOW! Her prices and selection are NICEY NICE! Ive got my eye on some sock yarn… :cheering:

Ooo-oo-oo! Nice sock yarns. I’ve been lusting after the shepherds sock yarn. It looks really nice. I also just bought some dps and opal sock yarn from lwf1985 on ebay in tropical fish and ladybug. I hope it’s nice, but I couldn’t resist the “names.” :lol: I hate yarn or nail polish, etc that only has a number. Stick a clever nameon it and I’m sold! (What a sap!!)

Ooooo pretty! I’ve only bought Addis on Ebay…might have to check her out further. Thanks!

OMGOSH!! She has LUSCIOUS sock yarn… :drooling: :heart: :drooling: I MUST get some…GOTTA HAVE IT…WANT IT NOW :shock:

I caved…could no longer stand it!! I just ordered the yummiest Lorna’s Laces sock yarn… :inlove: YEAH, BABY!!!..now I must be off to knit some socks :cheering: :cheering:

Great selection – those are my kind of yarns!

I ordered some Lorna’s Laces from her about a month ago. Smooth and easy transaction and very fast shipment too. Great seller!

Very good to hear :cheering: :cheering: I want it NOW :wink:

well this has got to be some sort of weird jackpot that we midwesterners rarely get…lol. I ordered this stuff on Friday and it arrived in my mail box today! packaged well in plastic to avoid any water and all that…super fast and of course just as pictured. It does help that she is only shipping from Minnesota to Omaha but that is still pretty fast by my standards! :thumbsup:

I just ordered some stuff from her this weekend too, I bet I’ll have it by tomorrow or Wednesday. :happydance:

I got my YUMMILICIOUS YARN yesterday!!! I love :heart: :inlove: :heart: love getting knitting products in the morning :smiley: