Could someone tell me what light bulky and heavy worsted yarn means? I have a pattern for Easy Slippers and the pattern calls for one of the above yarns. I have worsted, sport weight and bulky–so what do I use? Is there such a thing, or do I use 2 strands of the above?


Knitaholic :??

You could use a double strand of worsted OR the bulky, and just adjust your needle size to get the right gauge.

It all boils down to yarn looking good knit at the gauge called for. Check your yarn labels or a website like yarn.com where you can look up yarn and see the gauge recommended for it. If the recommended gauge range is the same as your project, you’re all set. Heavy worsted is usually 4 sts/inch, not sure about light bulky, whatever the guage called for in your pattern. :wink:

The gauge for the pattern states 4 sts/in. Thanks so much for the info–I have plenty of worsted wt. yarn that someone gave me. I will check into the website you recommended. Thanks to both of you ladies.