I have a belt pattern that calls for micro spun and mohair. Can I use another yarn besides mohair as I don’t like it. Does the mohair have some kind of substance to it? I’d really like something else. Thanks:woot:

It could be just for the fuzz. Try another yarn and see how it turns out.

I have used a mohair that wasn’t fuzz. Wellington Fibres has angora goats. Angora goats = Mohair.

It is nice and smooth…They have an almost hair like hair. Almost silk like…

That is just the stuff I have gotten from their farm though…other mohair I have seen has been fluffy!


You can use any yarn for any patter (just about). Switching up the yarn is one of the wonderful creative aspects of knitting (for me). However, just realize you may need to swatch because different yarns (and/or needle sizes) will give you a different gauge. Experiment and see what you like!

Thank you Wanda, I changed to a different yarn and it’s going nicely.

I’ve had to substitute yarn on more than one occasion because I’m so stupidly sensitive to certain things. I just try to get the weight as close as I can and then do a swatch to test my gauge just to be sure.

I noticed yesterday that some yarn manufacturers are providing swatches of 4X4 samples to hang by their yarn in the stores. Perhaps I’ve not noticed them before but my daughter started playing around with one yesterday and I looked down the aisle and noticed them all over the place. Yes, I am a regular Sherlock Holmes. :wink: