How can I tell what is the correct yarn to buy for baby hats? Do you always have to knit with baby yarn? Couldn’t you use other yarn as long as you have the correct gauge?
Is there a book on this information? I always get confused.
Thank you

You can use whatever yarn you want keeping in mind it needs to be practical. Translation…no fiber allergies, most likely machine wash/dry (no special care required), aim for soft (even some of the cheap acrylics soften up nicely once washed/dried), etc. Check out any of the online patts for baby hats and see what yarns are used. I’m sure you’ll find a wide selection.


I have some patterns for baby hats in worsted and bulky yarn as well as baby yarn. I have recently made a whack of hats in Caron Simply Soft- it is SO soft.

For the question in your signature- could the cording you’re talking about be I-cord? (see 3rd up from the bottom of this page http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/knitting-tips )

Monk’s cord is simply twisted strands of yarn, you don’t knit it. Here’s a tutorial - http://wolfandturtle.net/Yarnpath/index.php/Yarnpath/comments/monks_cord/