just wanted to see how everyones stash grows…

All of the above, I’m afraid, all of the above. You forgot to include

Because I’m mad at someone
Because I’m bored
Because I’m happy
Because I’m stressed
Just because

right now I buy with project in mind.

and what about because you may never be able to find that yarn again later. what if they stop making it? :shock: THE HORROR!

:roflhard: That too! What if someone never makes light blue superwash ever again? Oh my!

this is what i am saying! those kinds of risks are saved for sky diving!


If it’s in the 40% off bin, then it is because it is pretty. If it is reagular priced then it is with a project in mind.

I buy yarn with project in mind. I do have quite a bit of yarn that I used to just buy bc it was there & I was in the store, although it’s the type of yarn that I really no longer use, but have it for my doggie fashions & baby clothes bc it’s all machine washable :wink:

I usually buy with a project in mind. I really really have a LOT of projects in mind. :XX:

Hear hear! I always have something in mind. I just don’t know when I will get to them. :roflhard:

Because it’s on SALE or HAS NO BIDS :stuck_out_tongue:
oh yeah, has to be pretty too - how embarrassing, that’s how I voted. Though sometimes I DO buy it for a specific project or person.

Let’s see :??
I buy something because I think it’s pretty and it has a project to go with it…but also because…
1.the color amazes me
2.it feels fabulous
3.it’s wednesday
4.i want to
5.hubby doesn’t want me to
6.the cat told me it was ok
7.it’s thursday
8.the sun came up
9.the moon is out
10.i woke up this morning
11.i lost a pound
12.i gained two pounds
13.because who else is going to give it a loving caring home like me?

:roflhard: :roflhard:


:rofling: :rofling: that was good Binky!!!

:thumbsup: :roflhard: :roflhard:

What Binky said

what about the fact that someone even TALKED about yarn, told a good yarn, or mentioned your favorite LYS.

triggers triggers triggers.

I buy with a project in mind…if “oh! this could make a neat hat!” counts as a project. :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course that counts!

I used #2,4,and 13 today…
now, how do i hide/explain it to hubby when i get home from spending the weekend at my brother’s?
drat those big city ys’s :thinking: