my Knit Picks order came in Saturday! i’m going to make a baby bonnet, booties, and a sweater out of it…
maybe if i can do it.

here is my wool that i dyed for my sisters Kitty Pi.

and here is some camo yarn that i found at Hobby Lobby… i know its Red Heart. but i’m going to make skullies for my son and sis so it won’t matter!

I love that pink. So purrty!

I’m with Ingrid really like that pink!! Hadn’t seen the camo my son would like that :smiley:

i am so glad you posted those pictures. i have some of that blue variegated that i bought when i first started knitting that i couldn’t remember where it came from. of course i wasn’t keeping labels yet at that point… :rollseyes:

ummm…Dustina that was suppose to be mom’s scarf before she insisted on the ugly brown one, you want the blue?

:cheering: :cheering: :balloons:

MMMmmmmm! Isnt that Panache YUMMY??

Nice clean feetsies, you’ve got there, Carmell! :rofling:

SEE! i knew someone was going to say something about my feet! i purposely took another pic because to much of my foot was in the pic…KELLY!!! :fingerwag:

I only SAID they were nice and CLEAN!! :verysad:


But what if they weren’t? What would you have said then. Huh? :thinking:

good question!!!

Nothing at all! :roflhard: