I am just starting to learn how to knit and have no clue as to what I am doing yet. I need someone to help me learn how to fig how many yards is in 1 oz of yarn. Its not on the package. My first project will be dishcloths.
the yarn is 4ply worsted wt 100% cotton yarn, 2.5 oz. So any suggestions would be wonderful.

How many yards depends on the gauge (which you have there) but it is usually listed on the package. I suspect it might be Sugar and Cream though from your description and since it’s 2.5 oz : Solids are 2.5 oz/70.9 gr/120 yd ball

If you look up the yarn, either at the manufacturer’s web site or at www.yarndex.com , you can find out the yardage.

Wondering if you have the brand since the yardage isn’t on it??? Having the brand name definitely makes it easier to figure out!

I appreciate all of the help
Thanks :XX:

Peaches and creme
thanks :XX: