Yarn yarn yarn!

I went to Joann’s recently to buy some cheap (as in inexpensive and as mediocre quality) yarn for some projects. (I am sooo not good enough to work with the really nice stuff that I have an entire stash of!! :teehee: ) I found this really nice stuff called…wait a minute here…Lion Brand? I think it was? Well, Lion Brand Trellis in this really pretty multicolor dye. Has anyone seen this before?

I haven’t seen Lion Brand’s but I just saw something similar in my LYS today. Looked very pretty but IMHO a PITA to knit with (at least by itself). I have a feeling with my limited skills I’d be poking & splitting that yarn all over the place. :frowning: I’d love to see something worked in it, though, to see what it looks like.

I’ve used trellis; it’s pretty, but it can be difficult to work with. I tried to make a blanket with it using trellis along with a couple other strands on size 50 needles. It tended to get tangled too easily for me.

it looks like it would get very tangled… :pout: it’s very pretty and looks awesome in the ball, but its got the strings in between the color sections, so it probably would get tangled. do you think that it would be easier if i used some really basic worsted weight yarn held together with trellis? :heart:

Yes, you might try it carried along with a regular worsted; that would probably help.

ok! i will surely use that. I will make a shawl or maybe some hats or scarves. I dont know. Thank you! :yay: