Yarn, Yarn, Yarn!

I can’t beleive I’m posting yarn pics. But I guess we all get to this point. I have some intersting yarn to show you all.

I bought the Lorna’s Laces Sock Yarn-in Purple Club in McMinnville, OR at a great yarn shop called Boersmas Knitting Basket. It was my first visit. I stopped while driving through town and I will definately go back. http://www.boersmas.com/KnittingBasket.htm

I bought the Blue Chunky Alapaca with a Twist Yarn in Hood River, OR the next day at Knot another Hat. http://www.knotanotherhat.com/
This is a very nice little store and worth a stop if you are ever driving through the Gorge.

The Fawn colored alpaca I got from my co-worker. She raises alpacas. Several months ago she sent fiber off for spinning and then sold it before I ever laid eyes on it. So she gave me these two skeins that she recently had spun. It is sport weight but it is not as nicely spun as her previous batch. She sent it to the same place but there are several places where the spinning is uneven and there is still hay in it! It is soft, but not as soft as the baby alpaca yarn I bought. I think between winding it into a ball, knitting it and then washing what ever I make the hay will come out.

Then I just got a batch of Knit Picks Crayon in the mail to make a sweater for my daughter- shown in the book. The yarn will be held double through out and knit and 10.5 needles. My daughter picked the colors.

Thanks for looking.

what a haul! i love the colors in the lorna’s laces, and your dd picked out pretty colors for her sweater:mrgreen:

Do you ever have trouble using those hanks of yarn? The ones that look like twisty donuts? I got some sock yarn like that and it turned into a big knotted mess which I had to throw out. I was very upset. I find some nice yarn that comes twisted that way but I wont buy it for fear that I will ruin it again. That yarn store looked nice. My friend and I went to the LYS here and it was kind of scary. This elderly lady kept popping out in a sort of menacing way telling us if we couldnt find anything to ask. It was a lot of elderly ladies who seemed like they didnt appreciate us being there. (We are 25 and 27). We werent carrying big theiving bags or anything lol. They had tons of cool yarn though and lots of sock yarn which Michaels lacks. We probably wont go back though. Will have to stick to the internet.

Do you ever have trouble using those hanks of yarn? The ones that look like twisty donuts? I got some sock yarn like that and it turned into a big knotted mess which I had to throw out.

Well the skeins have to be wound into a ball. Lots of people use a swift to hold the skein and a ball winder to wind it. I don’t have any of these useful items. So I unfold the skein and stretch the resulting loop of yarn across the back of two chairs and stand there for what seems like hours hand winding the ball. I usually only wind them as I’m ready to use them, not all at once. Hope this helps.

Thanks Amy. Im still scared but maybe sometime in the future. Congrats on your haul.

When yarn is twisted into hanks like that, they need to be re-wound into balls before you can knit with them. (Well, I’ve heard that it’s possible to lay the hank out in a circle on the floor and very carefully pull the yarn from it, but I would personally never want to try it!) If you buy the hanks from a LYS, they’ll often be able to wind them for you using a swift and a ball winder (most of the time this is free, sometimes they charge a nominal fee), or you can get your own swift and ball winder (I got mine for Christmas!), or you can do it the old-fashioned way-- put your hank around the back of a chair and wind the ball yourself!

I won’t guarantee that the yarn won’t still become tangled as you’re making your ball (I’ve had it happen, even when using a swift, because of the way the hank was wound), but it’s much less likely (and it’s much easier to de-tangle when you’ve got both ends to work with, rather than when you’re in the middle of knitting something!).

Wow … what a haul. and you KNOW an alpaca farmer… :think::think::thumbsup::thumbsup: How cool is that… maybe next time ( now that she knows youre a knitter) she will think of you and maybe get first or second dibs (instead of last:happydance:)… but I love them all just the same…
beautiful colors .:aww:


Oh wow, so beautiful! Today I just bought my first Sugar 'n Cream (two skeins of it, but they were only 1.79 apiece - seemed like an awesome deal to me) and also my first Noro Kureyon :smiley:

I totally know what you mean. I never thought I’d get so crazy about yarn, but there’s no stoppin us now! lol

Yeah Baby Yeah~!!:cheering::inlove::inlove::inlove:
Love that yarn p0rn~!