Yarn: yards vs grams

[color=darkblue]When I was shopping for yarn today I thought I would see the yardage on the skeins but mostly saw gr. That is grams right? How do I tell the yardage?
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Most skeins will have both the weight and yardage on there, although sometimes they can be very small print and/or difficult to find. Sometimes I have to look at it a couple of times before I find it. Also on certain skeins (mostly the ones that are more ball shaped) the yardage, gauge etc might be on a part of the label that is stuck down in the ball.

You could check www.yarndex.com if you have a particular yarn in mind. They give the full stats on many different yarns.

I just checked the skiens and can find no yardage unless I need new glasses “again”. :slight_smile: I will take a look at that site.
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What a pain! I hope you are able to find it on Yarndex…if not there do you know who the manufacturer is? Most of them give yarn stats on each yarn they make also.

[color=darkblue]I just checked that site and it said the yarn I bought was
Weight 170g
Yardage 471 yds.
Thanks for the site Kemp,