Yarn wrapping around left needle

I’ve knitted for many years in the english way. After visiting this site i decided to try continental. Everything is going ok but as i hold the yarn in my left hand while i’m knitting/purling the row the yarn on the left side of my hand tends to wrap around the bottom of the left needle. Is there anything that i’m doing wrong or does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this. I keep the skein of yarn on the cushion to the left of me. Should i keep it infront of me?

Thank you

Just try different ways of holding the yarn, threading it through your fingers or wrapping around the index or little finger.

A problem I actually solved! Started using circular needles all the time, couldn’t even tell you where my long needles are anymore. That was the only solution our LYS had, the owner said she’d had the same problem.

If a project doesn’t have enough stitches for circular needles, I cap off the end of the (my mind is blank for the right term) ‘cord’. It doesn’t catch the yarn.

thanks so much for the suggestions will put those to good use when i get a chance. :slight_smile: