Yarn Winders?

I am about to purchase a yarn winder, and I’d like everyone’s input on which brand to buy. When I bought my Homespun yarn I didn’t realize it wasn’t a standard center pull skein, and I messed up a couple of the skeins trying to find the correct piece to pull. :doh: I don’t like the way the yarn feeds pulling it from the outside of the skein, so I want to be able to wind my own center pull balls. I’ve seen several of the “royal” brand on ebay, and I’m left wondering why people are getting rid of them? I’ll wait to make this purchase until I read your replies.

i think royal is the typical brand of choice around here. i love mine and have been using it with no trouble for over a year now. :thumbsup:

Personally I like the Lacis type over the Royal type. The Lacis type just seems to me to be better constructed and I like the table clamp being adjusted from the top rather than a wing nut on the bottom.

I also love my Royal, but don’t have experience with any other kind.

ooh and it looks like the Lacis is cheaper too. Really, it’s all about preference. I bought a Royal b/c that’s what my LYS sold, and I like it fine. It just doesn’t like all my surfaces and will sometimes work itself loose. But winding-wise, it works great.

Royal definitely seems to be the most common…mine works great!

I :heart: :heart: love, love my royal winder!!! Lonnie got mine from Ebay…it was new, so the sellers on Ebay are generally selling new stock, I believe :wink:

I have the Royal and I really like it.

you can also get it from Joann.com on sale this week AND they have free shipping.

Normally I would say to wait for the 50% coupon but i think it wouldn’t make much difference when taking it off the regular price since you would then have to pay shipping.

I was looking at their reviews on their site and I don’t have any idea what plastic prongs the woman on there is talking about. …oh maybe the ones that hold the peg in place? hrmm… :thinking:

also here :slight_smile:

lol even better price and way better service! :thumbsup:

I love my Royal!
Diva Knitting’s price, beat the price I payed for mine on Ebay. I payed $35 plus shipping.

With an endorsement like this how can I go wrong. I’m sold on the winder, and the merchant. Thanks for the help, you all always come through when advice is needed.

even better…get some of her yummy yarns and get free shipping! :happydance:

[color=blueviolet]I love my Lacis winder because it’s adjusted from the top instead of the bottom. The Royal one is just the name brand and the Lacis is the generic. I’m cheap, so that was the main reason I chose the Lacis. I got mine here.[/color]

Yeehaw, it’s here already! I know what I’m doing tonight, starting to rewind those messed up skeins into center pull balls. :smiley: Then I’ll wind some for my 8(going on 18, :wink: ) yr old grand-daughter from the huge skeins of “no dye lot” yarn I bought for her use. It will deffinitly be getting plenty of use.
The Diva Knitting is a great place to shop, now I’ll have to buy some of here beautiful yarns, just as soon as I use up some of my rapidly growing stash. :shock: