Yarn winder

Hi. I occasionally need to wind my hanks to center pull ball. I’ve been doing it with my husbands help but the ball seems to get to large &and when i start using it I am still getting tangled. :frowning: Since I do it so seldom I hesitate to invest in full setup. Would a simple yarn winder help without the swift? Any recommendations

Thanks so much!

Yes, a yarn winder would certainly help. You can wind center pull balls by hand but it seems to me that the winder makes a neater cake. Of course, eventually it will fall apart like center pull skeins or balls.
Here’s a video for winding by hand that may have some helpful tips.

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I’ve used the yarn winder for years. I recently bought an inexpensive (~$25) swift from Amazon. I made too many messes trying to wind hanks without a swift. Even when I draped them over upside-down chair legs, it wasn’t as smooth as with a swift. There’s a little learning curve with the swift.

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Thank you so much! I love how friendly this community is. As a new knitter it’s really hard to know the right things to do. I’ve looked at those Swift’s at Amazon and wondered if the plastic ones would hold up.

It’s good to hear you’re finding them to work OK for you


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