Yarn Winder & Yarn Swift

Is is necessary to have an Umbrella Swift in order to use a yarn winder? If not what other innovative ways have you used in order to use a yarn winder?

You can wrap the yarn over the back of a chair, on a lamp (it’s Phaedra’s method) or find a willing victim…errr… participant to hold the skein for you.
Personally, I just put it over my knees. But one day I’m going to make a DIY swift! Maybe something like this one or this one

If you search for making your own swifts here you will find a couple of links to ones that are a little more hard-wearing and less ad hoc. Basic wood-working skills a plus but not necessary.


I have both–many of my friends just have a winder or even wind by hand and they use the back of a chair or their knees to hold the wool. My friend Laura says that she knew she had met the right man (now her husband of about 30 years) when he offered to hold her yarn hank after watching her try to wind it while using her knees… :heart: