Yarn weights

I’m thinking of attempting to make mittens for a couple of friends for Christmas (I’m so slow I have to start way early, lol!!). I’d kind of like to try alpaca, and found some on sale at an online yarn store.

I use Amy’s mitten pattern, so (1) 220 yard skein should get me through a pair; but some of the colors I really like are in dk weight instead of worsted.

How much difference will this make in the finished mittens? Are they a fairly even substitute in something like mittens or scarves?

Thanks in advance for any advice!:aww:

DK weight is like a lightweight worsted, you may need a couple more stitches than with a regular worsted weight. I’ve made mittens and gloves with yarns from fingering weight to worsted , it just means you use a few more stitches and different needle sizes. Go for the new colors and adjust your stitch count and start

Thanks! Are there any brands of alpaca yarns that are “better” than the others? I’m looking at Cascade, Misti, and Drops.

I am not familiar with the ones you listed, the only alpaca yarn I have used is KnitPicks yarns in their Shimmer yarn. It is a 70%baby alpaca and 30% silk blend. It is very soft and has a slight shine due to the silk content. I love it.

I’ve used the Drops Alpaca and Cascade Pure Alpaca for sweaters and love them both. The Drops is on the light end of DK however, more of a sport weight.

Thanks! It’s so confusing - the Drops is listed under worsted weight.

I’ll have to give this some more thought. Again thanks for all the help!

Hmm, maybe they now have a heavier weight than the one I used? The Drops Alpaca was definitely more a sport weight and this was around February of this year, so not that long ago.

loveknitting.com (formerly YarnMarket) was where I saw the Drops advertised, alpacadirect is where I saw the Cascade. It is showing the Drops as 4 ply, which I thought was worsted weight. Maybe I’ve been mistaken for years - wouldn’t be the first time, lol!

This is the yarn that I used.
It’s described as 5 ply but they may have changed the make-up of the yarn. Ply is a bit unreliable since the weight of the plies can differ. I usually look at stitches per inch to get an idea of gauge. Of course the ideal thing is to find the yarn at your local and be able to feel and see it but that’s not always possible.

Thanks. It looks very similar, so maybe it is closer to sport weight. Now I just have to decide which one to choose.

I’m back!!!:teehee: I stopped by my local yarn store when I had a free minute (they’re usually only open while I’m working, but caught a break with an errand I had to run), and they stock Plymouth yarn.

I looked at both the Baby Alpaca Worsted and the Aire. Whichever one I choose, I’ll have to have them order as they only had a couple of skeins of each, and one of them in black only.

I know mittens are a challenge for me - made some last year and thought I’d brave it again this year for some Christmas presents for friends who live away from me, but also in chilly climates.

I can work with the colorways in either type, but my question is; has anyone used the “chainette” type yarns, and are they more difficult to work with than regular worsteds? It actually looks pretty neat, but don’t want to get into something that the needles might “split”, if you catch my drift.