Yarn Weights

I’m in the Uk and I have some DK yarn that will felt. I’ve been looking for online patterns for felted bags but I’m getting confused over the weights of yarn. Should I be looking for worsted or light worsted or other weights of yarn patterns?
I’m only used to 4ply, DK,Aran, Chunky, Super Chunky and Big Wool.

From what I understand, if you’ll double strand DK, you’ll get worsted weight, which is a little lighter than Aran. From what I saw, felted items usually require to double strand worsted weight yarn, so maybe you can double strand Aran weight yarn.
I hope I wasn’t too confusing :??.

Hello, I am new to this and was reading through some of the posts and was curious about what the abbrev OTN means. I checked out the abbrev. post but didn’t see that one. Thanks!

OTN is On The Needles, means projects in progress :thumbsup:

It means ‘on the needles’ :slight_smile: