Yarn Weight

I’ve only been knitting for about 3 yrs now and am making things for myself as well as others! And it is all very exciting. I do have a question regarding yarn weight. I created two cowls using this pattern

I knitted this up using abut 1/2 of the Cascade Yarn Magnum (250 grams and I believe 123 yds?) on Addi’s size 19 circular needles. My friend wants me to knit one up for her sister as a Christmas gift but is not that impressed w/ the Cascade Yarn colors. So here’s my question, although the pattern even suggest a lower gram yarn (Malabrigo is 150 grams) how much will this alter the size of the finished cowl? And at that point would I need to go down in needle size? And finally, FYI, I’m a tight knitter.

Any help is welcome!


Normally, the way to ensure a yarn substitution will work just fine is to make a gauge swatch to see what gauge you get with a specific set of yarn and needles.

The Malabrigo looks like it might naturally knit up to a tighter gauge so you would need to go [I]up[/I] in needle size to counter that. Or just cast on more stitches and work it for wider to get the same size. (That’s where a gauge swatch comes in. It will let you know exactly how many stitches you need to make any size.)