Yarn weight

Is it ok to use bulky weight yarn in place of super bulky? I checked my gauge, and if I use a smaller size needle, it works out ok. I’m worried about the way the sweater will lay.

The pattern calls for super bulky but you want to use bulky, is that right? Isn’t super bulky the thicker of the two? If so it seems like you would need to use a bigger rather than a smaller needle to get the called for gauge. But anything is possible with gauge. :wink: I suggest you make a big gauge swatch, one that is at least 8 inches wide. If the fabric you are getting seems good for a sweater and isn’t too thick or full of big holes or something it is probably fine to switch. You want to watch out for fabric that is too stiff. Not good.

Just make sure you check row gauge as well as stitches across. I recently did a project in a different weight yarn and ended up using the instructions for small for anything that described width and increases, but the instructions for medium for anything that referred to row height. You might have to do the opposite if you’re going from super bulky to bulky.