Yarn Weight

Recommended gauge is 7 st/1" on a size 3 needle.

Can someone tell me what kind of project this works well for before the ebay auction for this YUMMY looking yarn is over in a half hour?

Love ya. :wink:

Fair Isle Sweaters, socks, anything really, if it calls for a thin yarn. It’s quite thin.

Thank you much, Ingrid. Don’t know when I’ll be ready for that, so maybe I’ll pass.

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Thank you ma’am. :slight_smile:

What is Roving (as mentioned on the yarn strand chart, size 6 bulky)?

Roving is yarn that is pretty much unspun. Very poofy, no real twists in it, not used very commonly.

You’re so smart.

Nah–I’ve just been around this stuff for quite a while. :wink: